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Police search for antique store thieves

CAMBRIDGE - Police are asking for help to find three people who ripped off an antique store on Wednesday.

Police say two men and a woman worked together.

They distracted the manager at Cambridge Antiques, and then broke into display cases.

They got away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of flatware and a teapot.

Anyone with information should call police.

Cops: DWI suspect was nearly 5x legal limit

Richard Laferriere - Washington County Sheriff's Department

KINGSBURY – The Washington County Sheriff's Office say a man was driving his car, nearly five times the legal limit.

A woman who knows 41-year-old Richard Laferriere called police to tell them he was stumbling and falling out of his car Sunday afternoon. She took his keys before calling the authorities.

Police determined Laferriere had driven with a blood alcohol content of 0.39 percent. The legal limit for operating a vehicle is 0.08 percent.

Laferriere was taken to Glens Falls Hospital to be evaluated. He will appear in Kingsbury Town Court at a later date.

Surveillance video shows City Hall vandalism spree

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The video shows a man teetering back and forth, nearly ready to fall. Matthew Zecchini isn't swaying to the music.

Police say the 21-year-old Moreau man was under the influence early in the morning of March 16 when he wandered up the ramp to a side door of City Hall.

He threw things around for about 12 minutes outside the door and when he couldn't kick it in, he used a block to smash the glass and climb in.

City Hall surveillance cameras pick him up on the second floor.

Police say he was there for a half-hour and he'd broken another window before he picked up a fire extinguisher.

After spraying it near City Court, Zecchini decides to make his way downstairs.

But navigating stairs, while intoxicated, and carrying an extinguisher, can be tricky.

Murder indictment for dad accused of killing baby

Kevin Wayne King, 30, is accused of killing his 3-month-old son. - File / WNYT

FORT EDWARD - So much for Kevin King's family's theory that it was a spontaneous, out of character snap at a child he truly loved.

An indictment handed up today accuses King of repeatedly abusing his infant son, Brett Michael.

The charges against King accuse him of causing repeated multiple rib fractures from July 1 to August 11, the day of the baby's death.

King is accused of acting in a fit of rage, squeezing and slamming the baby to the floor because he was fussing and crying as the father tried to play Call of Duty on X-Box.

But the endangering charge alleges that King caused at least 6 broken ribs on the child. His court-appointed attorney, Michael Mercure saying that's news to him.

Washington County District Attorney Kevin Kortright countering that evidence of endangering will come out at trial.

Deadline approaches for State Police exam

The deadline to apply to become a New York State Trooper is fast approaching.
So far, more than 26,000 people have signed up for the exam.
Police say the tests will not be given again, for at least four years.
You can apply online at www.nytrooper.com.
The requirements and qualifications can be found below
Must be a citizen of the United States and be at least 20 years old by the application deadline, September 8, 2013.
Must not have reached their 30th birthday by the date of the application deadline.

Grand jury investigates death of 3-month-old

Brett Michael Diaz, age 3 months, died on Aug. 11, police say, at the hands of his father. - File / WNYT

FORT EDWARD - A Washington County grand jury is now investigating the death of a 3-month-old Fort Edward boy.

NewsChannel 13's media partners at The Post Star report the grand jury could soon vote on a possible indictment against Kevin Wayne King.

King is accused in the Aug. 11 death of his infant son, Brett Michael Diaz. Police say King told them he slammed the child to the floor after he wouldn't stop crying.

Any indictment would likely be handed up next week.

Police: Sex offender's mom helped him meet with boys

Curtis Mallon and Darlene Mallon - Warren County Sheriff's Department

LAKE GEORGE - The mother of a convicted sex offender is accused of knowingly transporting him around town to meet underage boys.

Curtis Mallon, 31, is on probation for a past sex offense arrest.

Police say he recently spent the night at a hotel with a 10-year-old and 15-year-old.

Police say both boys thought he was 18-years-old and knew him as “Joe Tadbit.”

His mother, 60-year-old Darlene Mallon, faces charges for allegedly driving her son and boys to various locations. Police say she did this despite knowing he wasn't supposed to be around kids.

Curtis Mallon was sentenced to 42 months in prison in 2006 for sexually abusing a 9-year-old boy. Because of that he's not allowed to have contact with children.